Iknasoft is the best IT solutions company in Dubai offering a wide range of IT audit services in UAE to ensure IT asset integrity, availability, and confidentiality. We have been serving client businesses for over a decade, providing them with knowledge and helping them implement ideal solutions in the dynamically evolving technology environment. Iknasoft is specialized in IT Audit services in UAE. Additionally, we can examine your IT infrastructure, software, mobile apps, database, policies, and operational procedures and ensure that they are under the prevailing industry standards.

We determine the general controls and system applications related to IT and blend information technology throughout the audit process.

 These are the IT audit services provided we provide:

  • Enable awareness of the frequent changes in business
  • Support to protect the corporate financial commitment 
  • Co-ordinate with the total organization’s process, data, and application requirements
  • Prioritizing IT resources

Objectives of the IT Audit Services in UAE

An IT audit is a process of examining and determining the IT infrastructure, applications, data usage and management, systems, techniques, and operational processes of an organization against specific standards or established strategies. 

IT audit analyzes whether the IT system protects corporate assets, ensures data clarity, and is combined with the business's overall goals. An IT auditor verifies the physical security controls as well as the total business and financial controls involving IT systems. 

The key objectives of the IT audit services in UAE are 

  • Assessing risks to the information assets of the company and helping to identify techniques  to minimize those risks
  • Ensure integrity, availability, and confidentiality of IT assets of the company
  • Ensuring compliance of information management processes with IT-specific regulations, policies, and standards 
  • Assessing limitations in IT systems and associated management 
  • Check that IT assets are adequately protected and that security systems work as intended.
  • Assess the company’s critical IT assets and ensure that they work as intended while providing value to the organization
  • Ensure better enforcement and management of controls over IT assets.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.

IT Auditor Checklist in UAE

In the present atmosphere of cybersecurity in UAE, an IT auditor plays a crucial role in compliance with updated IT regulations. The main duty of an IT auditor is to lead a project that helps to enhance internal processes and performances. The IT auditor also reports the issues related to IT systems, analyze the data, and improves internal controls. Most of the hours are spent collecting and reviewing data from databases, software programs, and management information systems. 

Here is the checklist for an IT auditor in UAE:

  • Checking internal IT controls, assessing the design and operational efficiencies, determining chances of risks, and creating strategies to solve issues
  • Correcting security and network issues
  • Integrated IT, financial, operational, and compliance audits
  • Responding to system/network security breaks
  • Planning, implementing, controlling, and upgrading security measures to protect the data, systems, and networks of the organization
  • Conducting effective and efficient IT audit processes
  • Communicating complex technical issues in a simpler way to the relevant staff
  • Conducting regular audit testing and providing suggestions
  • External auditor relationship management
  • IT audit outsourcing and co-sourcing, covering all IT operational and business risk
  • Penetration testing and assessments
  • Internal and external network scans
  • SOX 404 documentation and controls testing
  • Social Engineering
  • PCI Readiness Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
  • Security Assessments, including disaster recovery and business continuity
  • IT process reviews (access, SDLC, change management, operations)

Importance of IT Audit in UAE

An IT audit is inevitable as it helps you to ensure that the system is not exposed to malicious attacks. The ultimate goal of an IT audit is to determine the accessibility of computer systems, security, and confidentiality of information. 

Here is the major importance of an IT audit in UAE:

  • Minimizes the organizational risk 
  • Detects and prevents fraud
  • Enhances data security
  • Improves data management 
  • Enhances internal communication in the organization

The role of IT Audit in businesses that handle Information systems is more crucial than anything and that's why it is recommended to choose the most reliable audit firms in UAE

IT Audit Services Checklist

Although the IT audit takes a few days, the process begins even before that, as you lay out plans to conduct an audit in the future! Being the best IT Audit Company in Dubai, We handle our services in the most authentic and professional way possible. 

Here are our steps involved in IT audit services in UAE:

Audit planning

The initial decision we make is whether to conduct an internal or appoint an external auditor and provide a third-party viewpoint to the IT systems. External audits are commonly seen in large corporates handling sensitive data. For most companies, an internal audit is more than sufficient and hence would be cost-effective to plan. 

Here are the factors to consider while planning an audit:

  • Who will the auditor be 
  • When is the audit likely to take place
  • What processes should be established to prepare the employees for the audit

Our IT auditor discusses with various employees and team managers to understand the IT workflows, and ensure that the audit is not conducted when the employees are stuck with their work!

Prepare for the audit 

Once the timeframe for the audit is set, you should work with the audit team to prepare for the audit. Here is the list of elements you require at this stage:

  • Objectives of the audit 
  • Scope of the audit (areas being evaluated, level at which the audit evaluates)
  • How will the audit be documented
  • A detailed schedule for the audit

Remember that a checklist, though essential is not sufficient documentation for an audit. The motive to run this evaluation is to get a clear understanding of the weakness of the infrastructure, and customized effective steps to solve them. 

Conduct the audit

This is the third out of five step audit process. This is quite self-explanatory- if we complete the previous step, this will be a step to just execute the plan we created. - As you know that even the best-laid plans often fail, and so we take a step to overcome last-minute interruptions. We ensure that you have enough time so you do not rush at the last minute. Missing important things results in total failure. 

Report the findings

Once the audit is finished, there would be a big bundle of documents to present, along with the auditor’s notes, results, and suggestions. Following this, we incorporate the information into an authorized audit report. This document is used for future reference and would help to plan for the next year’s audit. 

Next, we create separate reports for every head of the audited department. We make a summary of what was evaluated, go through the items that do not require changes, and highlight any activity that is performed exceptionally well. 

Follow up

Once the report findings are delivered, the date is added to the calendar for a follow-up with each team, and implementation of corrections is ensured. We recommend clients schedule follow-ups throughout the year to verify each item and ensure smooth running until the next audit.

IT Solutions Company in UAE - IKNASOFT

The IT audit services in UAE by Iknasoft help businesses in identifying, minimizing, and managing their key technology risks. The IT audit team evaluates data clarity to understand the status of management, process, and operations of the IT environment within the organization. 

The IT auditors are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the updated technologies. They assess the effectiveness of IT services ensuring the configuration of the controls.

The techniques are based on industry standards, enabling the IT internal audit team led by Iknasoft or the internal team of the client, or a combination with the execution of audit projects by subject matter experts in the corresponding IT audit area. 

You can also grow your business with our other result-oriented services, which are given below: 

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