Our expert server management company provides server monitoring and management services in UAE for terminal and business servers and ensures safe servers. A server is integral to every IT function, such as data storage, web hosting, emails, app performances, etc. With its utmost significance, servers need periodic management and maintenance to ensure durability, efficiency, and sufficient security. 

Due to the critical role that servers play in supporting business operations, many businesses in Dubai choose to outsource their server management to specialized IT service providers who have the expertise and resources needed to ensure the servers are properly managed and maintained. These service providers may offer a range of services, including server installation and configuration, ongoing monitoring and support, and regular reporting on server performance and uptime.

Server Management Services in Dubai

Server management services in Dubai are the processes and practices involved in maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing the performance of servers used by businesses and organizations in Dubai. Servers are an essential part of any IT infrastructure, and their proper management is crucial for ensuring that business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Server management in Dubai involves a range of tasks, including hardware and software installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This may include tasks such as updating operating systems and software, installing security patches, and monitoring server performance to identify and resolve any issues before they can cause disruptions to business operations.

Iknasoft deals with server management with server monitoring service, support, and Cloud managed services. Our services in server management are:

  • 24*7 server monitoring and problem-solving
  • Uninterrupted and consistent maintenance and security updates
  • Regular reports on server monitoring 
  • Adaptable support options

At Iknasoft we provide various advantages of server management services, including health-check of the server, upgrading, website availability, malware detection, and technical support. 

Server Management Activities

Here are the tasks performed by the server management experts:

  • Providing servers
  • Server configuration
  • Tracking servers 
  • Maintaining server performance
  • Implementing and enhancing security
  • Keeping a backup and recovering servers 

Iknasoft provides quality services in server management to all kinds of businesses irrespective of size. We have effective monitoring tools and software to measure the standards on the critical servers of your business. 

Our server experts monitor your servers regularly so you can relaxingly focus on other business activities. The server management services at Iknasoft help you to minimize the struggle of managing infrastructure. 

Our Approach to Server Management

In addition to managing the physical servers, Iknasoft server management services in Dubai also involve managing the data and applications hosted on those servers. This includes managing access controls, ensuring data backups are performed regularly, and managing software licenses and updates.

  • Server Installation
  • 24x7 tracking
  • Ensure availability of free disk space
  • Enhances system availability and consistent availability of key applications
  • Minimizes and removes system slowdown 
  • Helps to improve and optimize performance 
  • Ensures complete coverage
  • Technical support 

IT Services in UAE

Looking for reliable and hassle-free IT services for your business? Look no further! Our team of experts offers a wide range of IT solutions to help you streamline your operations, improve productivity, and drive growth.

We provide end-to-end support for all your IT needs, including

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