How To Attract Visitors To The Website?

How To Attract Visitors To The Website?

Today, everybody has a website of their own. They may also have people to manage their websites and bring in more audience. What about someone who has no clue about creating a website or managing it? If you are one among those, then this article is for you!

Let us learn how to attract visitors to the website from the best digital marketing blogs

When you launch your website, you spread the news across your friends and known people. There are numerous ways to attract people to visit your website. However, the foundation to build a strong audience is far beyond the one-time visits. You need to ensure that the structure, the design and content make the audience thrive to visit your website everyday! This is called Website traffic and it is the essence of every website. 

Why is Website Traffic Needed?


You may be building a brand or selling products or services, the main reason for the success of the website is the number of visitors you receive and the quality of communication. A significant example could be an online store, wherein the number of products sold would be equal to more website traffic. Website traffic is essential even if you have a blog, where the more reach inspires others and has more impact on their lives. 

How to Start?

There are many ways by which you can drive traffic to your website, and build an online following. Choosing the right method depends on your budget and goals. Look at these examples of paid and free ways for promoting your website. 

  •  Online Advertising: Use Google’s online advertising to get your name before the audience’s searching for businesses or for blogs to read in leisure in Google search and related products. When using Google Ads, you need to pay only for results, such as clicks to the website or calls to the business. 
  • Social Media: An effective way to build organic following is to make a strong presence in social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote photos, content and related updates related to your brand and website. 

You may note that the main objective of Social Media is to make real connections with the audience and build a community. You need to be authentic, creating, posting useful content and using relevant tags. You could also go for influencer marketing and collaborations. 

  • SEO: SEO or the Search Engine Optimization refers to everything you could do for the website visibility on search engines such as Google. Most web traffic comes from clicking on a few initial unpaid search results. Hence, it is worthwhile taking time in enhancing SEO.
  • Content Marketing: Creating and posting useful content that your audience loves to read could attract and engage a larger community online. For instance, a restaurant could start a recipe blog, or a financial advisor would share newsletters on saving for retirement. Content marketing includes blog posts, videos, newsletters through email, podcasts, lists, magazines, user guides, infographics etc. 
How do you track your website?

It is necessary to receive feedback on your audience growth. One main benefit of online presence is that all the required metrics are trackable. These are some of the key methods to study about your website’s performance:

  • Google Analytics: Google offers a wide range of tools to measure the performance or data of the website to analyse insights about the visitors. Solutions could range from the basic techniques to high-level enterprise analytics. 
  • Social media metrics: Most social media platforms provide basic measurement tools. For better indication, you could track the number of followers and its increase over time, along with the engagement on the posts. 1-5% of engagement is considered as Good. 
What’s Next?

Once you build a strong audience, you need some indicators to enable optimization of the efforts. The key indicators are as follows: 

  • Conversion: Is your website getting good traffic, but not enough subscribers? If people are stepping back in the initial phase, it indicates that the website would need to work on retaining your audience and inspire with what they expect, (e.g.purchases), else it shows that you have targeted the wrong audience. 
  • Testing: Usability test is an effective way to get great feedback on the website. This method enables real people to test or try your site and you could see their reactions. 
  • Distribution: If you get adequate web traffic on one of the social media platforms, but not crossing over the website, you would have to strengthen the connection between the desired social media platforms and the website. When creating and posting the content at one place, it is necessary that you share it everywhere, and promote across the social media platforms to prevent losing your audience. You also need to include links to relevant pages on the website in the social media posts, and include social media links on your website, so the visitors could easily like the posts and follow you on the social media, from your website itself. 

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