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Ever since Internet technologies evolved, people, as well as organizations, have been hugely affected by cyber-attacks through hackers and malicious software. This is mainly due to a need for more security in terms of data. How do we deal with such cyber attacks? Yes, it is through effective Cyber Security systems.  

We shall discuss the Cyber Security Services in the UAE in this session. 

What is Cyber Security? 

Cyber Security, also known as IT (Information Technology) security or electronic information security, is the process of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data from harmful attacks. 

Cyber security involves implementing various layers of security and protection against digital attacks on computers, systems, and networks.  Every organization has a framework to handle tested and successful cyber attacks. An ideal framework enables you to identify threats, protect networks and systems, and restore them in case of a successful attack. 

Need For Cyber Security Services in the UAE

Cyber security is essential in every organization as most devices we use are interconnected. With the IoT revolution, implementing Cyber security has become inevitable in threat-prone systems to protect them from fraud attempts, theft detection, loss of essential data, mishandling of sensitive information, etc. 

Crucial infrastructures such as hospitals, financial service companies, power plants, etc. handle sensitive data not only of customers but also of themselves. This is where the implementation of Cyber security plays a crucial role in maintaining the functioning of society without obstructions.

Here are the key reasons why you need Cyber Security Services:

  • To minimize operational expenses
  • To enhance the growth of the company
  • To ensure compliance with the legal standards
  • To deliver efficient cyber security solutions for better data protection

Features of Our Cyber Security Services in the UAE

We at Iknasoft never fail to meet the client's expectations! We ensure to fulfill their requirements effectively and efficiently through our team of network security professionals who are always prompt in answering queries and ensuring the total security of their databases. 

Our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable and has great expertise in identifying threats, evaluating threat intelligence, creating multi-layered security systems, as well as a personalized digital shield, and most importantly keeping clients updated on the weekly or monthly security report. 

Our major Cyber Security Services are:

  • Managing security operations: 

A complete service package for business security management to ensure organized, aligned operations, safe from external threats, with 24*7 support via the Security Operations center

  • Administration, Risk Management, and compliance: Strict adherence to administration, risk, and compliance advisory to ensure compliance of all system processes with the security codes
  • Solutions for threatening security: Detecting and minimizing high-risk security exposures before they turn into threats

Other services are:

  • Evaluation of Web and wireless Security
  • Complete IoT Security Management
  • Management of Cloud Security
  • Ensuring secure Application Development

Procedures for Cyber Security Services 

Cyber Security Services in Dubai, UAE

Organizations are under pressure to communicate cyber security, with cyber attacks increasing frequently. With conventional techniques to prevent system failure, decision-makers must consider constructing an effective cyber defense strategy. 

A multi-layered framework ensures the physical, technical, and managerial controls to minimize the risks of unauthorized data access. 

Here are the 5 stages through which cyber security is ensured:

  1. Detect
  2. Protect
  3. Manage
  4. Respond
  5. Recover


Threat detection must be the fundamental step in every defense program on cybersecurity. It is essential to understand the threats so you can implement suitable defenses. 

Technical exposures are detected with a regular vulnerability program, as it enables identification of the security exposures in computers, internal and external networks, and communication tools. 

Awareness training is given to the staff, especially phishing awareness to minimize cyber attack threats. Training the staff on detecting phishing emails and the consequences of opening such emails or clicking on suspicious links is crucial to maintain the organization's security.


Despite being well-prepared to detect threats, certain attacks could unknowingly enter the initial layer of defense. This could occur if cyber criminals find technical weaknesses that were not detected by the antimalware software. 

Organizations should mandatorily be prepared by implementing effective cybersecurity controls and ensuring proper management of cybersecurity defenses and unauthorized access. 

Training and certification ensure enhanced skilled staff who could implement and maintain security measures. Besides, basic security certifications such as Cyber Essentials help to protect companies from the most common cyber threats and establish their commitment to cyber security.


This layer or phase describes cyber security as a continuous process rather than a set of regular solutions. 

The management phase is defined by the way an organization manages cyber security risks as a part of its operations. This phase includes measures such as placing risk-oriented security controls into corporate processes, managing the security of the supply network, and performing regular audits to ensure updated security controls. 


The security measures that are implemented should minimize the possibility and the impact of a cyber attack, and just one mistake would lead to a data breach. 

This is why an organization must adopt a security layer to communicate what would happen during a disruptive incident. Hence you need to be prepared for a disaster, so you could act accordingly thus reducing the costs. 

Response Management is part of a broader business community management, that helps you place the plans rightly to cover most types of unexpected interruptions, ranging from cyber security incidents to natural disasters, from power failures to pandemics.


This final phase of security describes the outcome of a data breach. Sometimes, the process of recovering would be more distracting than you expected, while organizations take more time to completely return to their businesses. 

Cyber insurances provide organizations peace of mind, offering them coverage whenever required and helping them return to business as soon as possible. Hence it covers the cost of reconstructing if everything else fails. 

Cyber Security Services at Iknasoft, UAE

With the best cyber security services in UAE at Iknasoft, you need not worry anymore about data or networks in your organization. Our team ensures the safety and security of your most sensitive data through the cybersecurity phases and protect them from unauthorized access by hackers and prevents phishing on official emails. 

Our IT firm produces outstanding services, and we provide a wide range of professional Marketing services & IT services to meet the needs of various business clients, including:

Our cyber security team is always at your service 24x7. Call us for any help!

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