IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services by Iknasoft include data center networks, wireless, mobility, storage and backup to enhance operational productivity.


Enduring with the arena of virtual and cloud, making an investment in IT infrastructure solutions becomes a prerequisite for enterprises. Team Iknasoft offers managed IT infrastructure solutions which can encourage businesses in escalating their technological landscape, which in flip simplifies processes and brings amazing results.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Understanding ‘IT’

IT Infrastructure could be implemented, either in a Cloud computing system or within the facilities of an organization. Iknasoft is one of the top providers of IT Infrastructure solutions. We provide vibrant services ranging from support services to Enterprise IT services to optimize operational productivity.

At Iknasoft, we aim to set high standards in providing exceptional IT Solutions & Services. We strategize to upgrade your business versions by being aware of the opportunities, enhancing systems, strengthening the IT network, and improving day-to-day activities at the workplace.

Why do we need ‘IT’?

What Does ‘IT’ have?

IT infrastructure components are made of collective elements into two main categories- Hardware and Software. Hardware uses the Software as an Operating System for its functioning. Similarly, the operating system controls the system resources and hardware. Operating System creates a bridge between the software applications and the physical resources using the networking components.



A Network Switch provides a connection between the network devices on a Local Area Network (LAN). Switches enable the devices to communicate with each other without inturrupting other devices



They move the packets between the networks. Routing enables the seperated devices on different LANs to communicate, thus allowing the network packet to reach its destination.



These are security devices at the edge of the network, acting as guard



A Network server is a computer, comparatively larger with more resources. Server enables multiple users to access and share the resources

 Data Center Networks

Being the integral part of a data centre, this plays the role of the link between the components of the resources. Iknasoft has extensive knowledge and experience in implementing various scales of data center networks. The team helps the businesses achieve optimum performance.

 Wireless & Mobility

Wireless networking describes the technique used at homes, businesses and telecom companies to prevent costs and complications related to the introduction of cables to the building. Iknasoft helps the design for secure wireless network for data and voice traffic

IT Infrastructure

Iknasoft designs and implements the storage solutions, including software defined, hybrid, IP storage, Mission critical storage integrated with all the OS platforms. We also help the clients migrate the existing storage to a newer storage platform

 Backup & Archival

Iknasoft provides design and implementation of backup solution for every application. The backup solution includes application backup, virtual machine backup, and tape-based archival solutions. Our archival solution immensely supports archival of emails, fileservers and SharePoint.

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