Since mobile devices evolved, demand for custom mobile app development services has rapidly increased. Every business ranging from startups to enterprises realized that they had to introduce an innovative app for their clients. That was because it proved that there could be an increase in customer engagement, enabling the promotion of the products and services, providing better customer support, etc. 

You need to find an ideal custom mobile app development company with a mobile software development process, considering every minute detail, from sketching board to launching and beyond!- This refers to a company like Iknasoft. Iknasoft is a custom app development company in UAE specializing in creating innovative mobile and web applications Tailored for your business in Dubai.

Over a decade, Iknasoft has gained abundant experience in creating mobile platforms for various clients across multiple industries. We offer the mobile application development services provided by Iknasoft to cover most requirements of the clients. Hence, our team helps you build software for your clients, develop a support tool for an internal system, collaborate with a web development team for a hybrid tool, or introduce a complete mobile strategy for your brand!

Custom Application Development in UAE

We know that one system only fits some of the time. We need to develop custom applications that deal with the complex and unique needs of a business. Hence it is necessary to understand the importance of putting forth specific requirements to develop custom web, mobile, Cloud, and eCommerce applications that suit your business objectives. 

Iknasoft is a leading Custom App Development Company in UAE that offers both Mobile and web Applications tailored to you with skilled App developers in Dubai.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Web Application Development in Dubai

We optimize the latest technologies to provide fully-featured, user-friendly, and customized web applications in UAE that are rightly suitable for business requirements. We also develop B2B and B2C web applications, including the full cycle of web applications and portal development, front-end and back-end development, and quality assurance services. 

Here are the major activities involved in Custom Web Application development are:

  • Visualization and consulting
  • Requirement Details and Analysis
  • Outlining Web Application
  • Web Design 
  • Web Development
  • Integration with third-party
  • QA & Testing of Web Application
  • Post-launch Maintenance and support

Mobile Application Development in UAE

At Iknasoft, we deliver uninterrupted custom mobile app development services. Customized to your requirements, we help you create custom mobile applications running effectively on iOS and Android platforms, thus enhancing customer experience to grow your business.

Here are the major custom mobile app development platforms:

  • iOS Mobile App Development
  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
  • AI-based Mobile App Development

Customized Content Management System (CMS) Development

Regardless of its complexity, Content Management could be uninteresting and time-consuming if it was not customized. At Iknasoft we help you ease and align your complex content management process by developing an efficient CMS customized to specific business objectives and requirements. 

Here are some activities related to CMS:

  • Selecting a platform for CMS
  • Implementation
  • Customizing features and upgrades
  • System Development
  • Integration with third-party
  • Migration of Data
  • Maintenance and support

Custom App Solutions in UAE

Personalized Apps

Businesses can create personalized applications as per the requirements. With our custom app development in Dubai, businesses get a suitable solution that coordinates with the processes and goals.

Adaptable to New Features

Custom apps are designed to rise along with business growth. It could be allocating a larger user base, expanding to newer markets, or implementing new features and adaptable to meet the ever-changing business demands.

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Unique Customizations

With Custom apps, businesses have an incredible competitive advantage over their rivals who depend on standard software solutions and unique featuresthat improve user experience, making businesses the ‘trendsetters’ and innovators in their respective industries. 

Application Data Security

Custom apps ensure greater control of data security and privacy. Businesses can easily implement effective security measures and follow industry-based requirements to protect sensitive information.  

Customized ECommerce Solution Development

If you have a vision about how an ECommerce application should work, Iknasoft makes it happen, with a personalized ECommerce solution development. We have a clear understanding of your requirements and develop the right online shopping solution that you dreamed about for your customers!

Let us look at the components included in the e-commerce solution Development:

  • ECommerce Web Development
  • Designing shopping cart
  • M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce Development)
  • Developing a Custom online store
  • Designing a Shopping Experience
  • Integrating with Payment Gateway
  • Maintenance and Support for e-commerce application

Process To Develop Custom Apps

Iknasoft follows a systematic process to develop custom apps for its valuable clients. Here are the major steps involved in developing custom apps. 

  1. Determine the objectives and opportunities: In this step, we determine the objectives for developing an app, its target audience, and other relevant features
  2. Perform Research and planning: Here, we analyze competitors, choose the suitable platform- iOS or Android, and build a plan to develop the app
  3. Design: We build outlines and UI/UX designs to imagine the structure and appearance of the app
  4. Develop: In this step, we build the backend structure of the app, execute the front-end components, and add relevant services
  5. Implement: We align the servers and implement the app on relevant platforms or app stores 
  6. Perform Testing and Quality Assurance: We then test the app for performance, and compatibility, and fix the issues and errors if any
  7. Launch and Distribute: We create an effective marketing strategy, keep track of user feedback, and update the app when required
  8. Maintenance and support: Lastly, we provide continuous support, notify users issues and frequently update the app

Custom App Development Agency in Dubai

At Iknasoft, we take pride in providing you with endless Web-based services in UAE including custom app development in the UAE and across the globe. Our team has experts who have a great passion for app development and we are also delighted to be your one-stop IT support offering ERP and CRM Integration in UAE.

Feel free to consult us for any issue related to custom app development as we carefully follow every step involved in the development process. 

Looking for assistance in developing custom apps? Call Iknasoft UAE.

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