An agreement between an IT service provider and a client for the maintenance and support of their IT structure and systems is referred to as an IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). It is a forward-thinking strategy and Iknasoft, a great digital partner and a top IT Solutions Company in Dubai guarantees that the customer's IT environment runs smoothly, is secure, and receives prompt support in the event of any problems or breakdowns.

IT Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

IT AMC in Dubai is a service agreement between an organization or individual and an IT service provider or vendor. The major goal of IT AMC is to ensure the continued maintenance, support, and upkeep IT infrastructure of an organization. This comprises a wide range of IT components such as computers, servers, networking equipment, software systems, and other technology assets.

A company's activities may suffer serious disruptions as a result of IT problems. With an AMC in place, it ensures that IT assets are well-maintained, secure, and updated, ultimately contributing to the overall productivity and success of an organization. Iknasoft IT AMC Services in Dubai provides comprehensive IT Annual maintenance and support solutions in UAE, ensuring one-stop solutions for businesses.

IT-AMC Services in UAE


Through our dedicated IT Support, All your personal computer repair requirements are covered by the IT yearly maintenance contract, regardless of whether they include servicing the CPU, printer, keyboard, scanner, or any other IT equipment.

Virus removal

When a virus infects a system, it may wreak havoc in a variety of ways, including file corruption, file deletion, slow computer performance, file reformatting, strange computer behavior, mysterious data loss, frequent computer failures, and a lot of other things.

Follow-Up Maintenance

The yearly maintenance agreement covers maintaining displays in excellent working condition and replacing any damaged components, such as the monitor panel, power supply, or main PCB of the adapter.

Software updates

A yearly maintenance contract addresses this subject because a corporation must maintain its modernization in order to keep current with new technologies and innovation. In addition to our Custom Application Development, we also constantly work on patches and maintain app updates with features to guarantee more trustworthy functioning.

image relating the enterprise IT services
image relating the enterprise IT services

IT Annual Maintenance Contract Support

Pro-active Conservation

We provide regular examinations, monitoring, and conservation conditioning necessary to proactively find and address any underlying abnormalities before they become serious difficulties.

Office Assistance

We have a dedicated help desk or support center that aids recovering addicts in addressing complex problems, responding to inquiries, and providing direction on IT-related concerns.

Remote Assistance

Our IT professionals provide remote troubleshooting and support to address problems without going to the customer's location. Software configuration, remote diagnostics, and remote desktop help are examples of this.

Direct Support

When remote assistance isn't enough, we come on-site to address repairs or diagnose difficult problems that require physical presence.

Updates to Software and Patch Management

We maintain system stability and security by making sure that all software programs and operating systems are up to date with the most recent security patches, bug fixes, and upgrades.



Network Management and Monitoring

Our comprehensive network solutions in Dubai monitor the client's network infrastructure to find and fix any problems that may arise, enhance network functionality, and guarantee continuous connectivity.

Maintenance of Hardware

We make sure that our hardware components including servers, workstations, printers, and networking devices require regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection to be in top operating order.

Backup and Recovery from Disaster

We put in place and maintain backup methods to safeguard important data using cloud backup and DRaaS solutions. Through this, we make sure alternatives for recovery are accessible in the event of data loss or system breakdowns.

Services For Security

We protect the client's IT environment from cyber threats through extensive Server Security and Firewall Security solutions. We achieve this by putting in place security measures including firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and performing recurring security audits.

Reporting and record-keeping

We give frequent updates on the condition and functionality of the IT infrastructure, record maintenance tasks, and keep a list of all the hardware and software assets.

image related to enterprise IT solutions in UAE

IT AMC Company in UAE

Computer network support requires multiple specialties. For example, technical support specialists analyze, determine, and troubleshoot network issues. The IT technicians in Dubai have a crucial role in maintaining the network and making a copy of digital assets.

Iknasoft is a top IT Company in Dubai with the most talented IT Consultants in UAE to provide technical assistance to non-IT users, by answering their phone calls, email, and chat-based requests for help.

You would also require professional cybersecurity support specialists, who utilize their expertise to ensure your network, applications, and the security of data, and also help stay compliant with security standards. The following tasks are performed by IT support technicians:

  • Asking questions to analyze a problem
  • Suggesting steps for problem-solving
  • Training users about how the new technology works
  • Installing and configuring network components
  • Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks
  • Troubleshooting system and network problems
  • Supporting application when required
  • Adding users to a system and providing authorization
  • Managing open customer requests
  • Establishing working relationships with end-users
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