IT Outsourcing Company in Dubai

IT Outsourcing Company in Dubai

Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your company's core competencies because of the IT requirements? Is the development potential of your company being hampered by the current IT setup? As a well-known IT outsourcing company in Dubai, Iknasoft is well-equipped to handle and support all of your IT-related concerns, freeing you up to focus on promoting innovation and growing your business. Utilizing our services will provide you the assurance that your IT infrastructure is always being expertly managed by reliable professionals.

Our IT outsourcing services in Dubai offer an easy and efficient solution for handling all of your IT issues, regardless of how large or small your organization is. Our services not only reduce costs but also guarantee the safety of your company's operations.

We monitor and manage your IT systems with the help of our qualified team, giving you access to a wide range of specialist knowledge and keeping you current with emerging technology. Most importantly, you can focus on your core competencies and business priorities while we enhance your IT environment.

IT Outsourcing Services in UAE

Iknasoft has been a trusted partner for comprehensive IT outsourcing solutions in UAE for over 10 years. With a strong commitment to delivering excellence, we provide a diverse range of IT services to meet your business needs. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to ensuring seamless operations, enhanced efficiency, and innovative technological solutions. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business through cutting-edge IT outsourcing services.

Our IT Outsourcing Services include,

  1. Application Development and Maintenance
  2. Infrastructure Management
  3. Cloud Server & Storage Solutions
  4. Cybersecurity Services
  5. Database Analytics
  6. Network Solutions
  7. Managed IT Services
  8. IT Consultancy and Strategy
  9. IT Helpdesk and Support
  10. Disaster Recovery

Advantages of IT Outsourcing Solutions in Dubai

Iknasoft takes pleasure in providing complete solutions to meet all of your IT requirements. The following benefits of selecting us as your IT partner can have a good impact on your business:

  • A team of experts should be in charge of all IT responsibilities.
  • Boost corporate productivity and accelerate creativity.
  • Streamline IT costs with upfront set costs and no hidden fees.
  • Get proactive assistance and knowledgeable direction in various sectors.
  • Identify and effectively address challenges with recruiting and retention.
  • Enjoy adaptable solutions that are simple to change to meet new demands.

Efficient Infrastructure Management

We provide complete infrastructure management solutions to fulfill all of your IT requirements. Our team of experts ensures that your infrastructure is strong, dependable, and protected so that you can confidently focus on your major business objectives.

Core Components of our Infrastructure Management Services

    • Change management: Our organizational change management involves directing and supervising the entire process from its conception and planning stages to its successful implementation and resolution.
    • Patch management: Companies can easily secure their systems through offline patching with the help of our patch management solution, even in unconnected situations.
    • Asset management: Our IT asset management (ITAM) service gives businesses the ability to maximize the value of their technology strategy, architecture, finance, contractual, and sourcing decisions by providing a detailed record of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks.
    • Supplier management: The Supplier management service at Iknasoft is a well-structured program created to effectively manage suppliers and increase their influence on the buyer's business. This comprises managing the timely payment of invoices, controlling vendor deliverables, encouraging teamwork to jointly build innovative methods, and maintaining compliance.
    • Capacity management: IT capacity management is a critical business activity at Iknasoft that aims to guarantee that IT resources are sufficiently prepared to meet future needs. Our IT capacity managers have a thorough awareness of both the current and upcoming business requirements.
    • Security management: Iknasoft is aware that outsourcing security management involves providing extensive access to a company's sensitive and confidential data. This circumstance raises valid concerns about the outsourcer perhaps getting an unfair advantage or becoming a competitor.

Our service level agreements (SLAs) are carefully designed to incorporate strong legal terms to handle these concerns. These provisions are especially intended to safeguard a company's interests and avoid any unnecessary exposure to potential risks. 

Components of IT Outsourcing Services in UAE

Iknasoft's end-user support includes several essential elements to guarantee a seamless and effective user experience, including:

  • End User Support
  • Core Components
  • 1st line support
  • Problem resolution
  • Incident management
  • Third part escalation
  • Service request fulfillment
  • User device support

Process of IT Outsourcing

  1. Project Initiation: The first step entails selecting a professional project manager who will be in charge of managing the transition procedure. The project manager's first responsibility is to draft a thorough road map for the transition, including all the conditions that must be met before the new servers can be successfully implemented. 
  2. Knowledge Transfer: Iknasoft places a high value on a seamless transition whether changing suppliers or bringing services in-house. We promote communication between the internal teams and the current supplier to accomplish this. This connection is crucial as it allows our team to completely understand the complexities of your company's functions. 
  3. Tool Sets: Since we have a thorough understanding of your business strategy, we can identify the technologies and talents that will enable a smooth transition of your IT services.
  4. Emergency Support: We place the utmost priority on maintaining the continuation of your business activities. To minimize any potential company interruption, we therefore implement phase transitions, enabling seamless switching from one point to another.
  5. Handover: We take complete responsibility for administering every aspect of your IT-related infrastructure after finalizing and approving all contracts. You can focus on your primary business goals without worrying about IT management with our integrated approach, which guarantees that your IT systems, services, and operations are in capable hands.


Top IT Outsourcing Company in UAE

At Iknasoft, we are proud of our highly qualified and skilled teams of IT Consultants who lay a great emphasis on working directly with our clients and remaining up to date with the most recent developments in IT infrastructure. 

Our typical Service Level Agreements (SLAs) specify how our outsourcing models will provide Continuous system monitoring and assistance for businesses with skilled employees. With the help of our devoted team and thorough outsourcing solutions, you can feel confident that your IT environment is in safe hands and focus on expanding your business.

Iknasoft goes above and beyond to optimize our outsourced solutions so that they are adaptable, economical, and simple to scale to meet your changing demands. Our team of trained engineers, industry specialists, and project managers works cooperatively and proactively to give your IT system continuous maintenance, strong security, and frequent service upgrades.

With our all-inclusive solutions for infrastructure and end users, you can experience continuous growth and concentrate on confidently driving your organization ahead. We are dedicated to providing excellent IT services that help you keep one step ahead of the competition and accomplish your company goals with ease.